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Auto Magic Mist
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Auto Magic Mist


True or False:

1-Naturally wax Never needs to be taken off?

False,Natural Wax will last about 3 months and should be taken off and reapplied.

2-All Waxes are created equal?

False,There are several types of wax and each type will give you a different result and protection.

3-Layering many coats of Wax on my car will make it shine more?

False,Layering wax may give your paint a "Hazey" look.

4-Using a kitchen soap,like Dawn is just as good as useing a car shampoo?

False,Using any kicthen product like Dawn will remove most of your sealant and wax of your car,

5-Using a high speed buffer on my car will add more swirl marks?

False,Proper use a a high speed buffer with the right polish and pads will remove swirl marks.

6-My bath towels are good for my paints finish?

False,Your bath towels may feel soft to you but your cars finish is not as tough as your skin and will do more damage to your cars finish.

7-My car is parked in a garage,so I dont need to wash my car as much?

False,Every time you open your garage door there will be dirt,sand and debris that gets "Trapped" into your cars finish.

8-I only drive my car a couple times a month,so I dont need to wash it?

False, Everytime you take your car for a ride you get road debris,brake dust,oils and from things like rocks,you will greater the chance of doing damage to your cars finish.

9-My car is fairly new,so I dont need to get it detailed?

False,Your car may be new,but the the cars finish most likely is not "Completely Clean" and without the proper care to it's finish,more damage to it's finish will occur in time.

10-The dealership told me that my car was detailed before I bought it so I dont need anything done to it?

False,Dealerships 'Do Not" specialize in detailing,they wash your car,clean out the interior,and put some type of "Crap" on your car so it looks "Shiny".No true protection is applied to your car from a dealership.

11-I use a "Drive Thru" car wash,so I dont need you to detail it?

False,Using a car wash is actually doing more damage to your car. The chemicals that are being used are so harsh,because of the short time of the wash,removing any protection you may have on your car.The High Pressure water is "Driving" all that dirt into your cars finish.Leaving there when your car is not completely dry and then driving down the dirty road to so I that dirt sticks to your car finish.

12-If I have you detail my car,Will you explain to me what you are doing and why?

True,I will teach you how to Properly maintain your car.I want you to know the Right way to protect your investment.

13-I have a sealant on my car, so I dont need any wax on my car?

False,A sealant is NOT a wax and does nothing to protect the car finish from the harmful UV rays of the sun.Which left unprotected may cause your finish to Fade.

14-I'm using a good detail spray on my car,That's the same as wax?

False,Detailing spray is not a wax,They may claim to have wax in it,but the level of wax in any detail spray is NOT enough to protect the cars finish from the suns UV rays.