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Auto Magic Mist


Auto Magic Mist
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Auto Magic Mist


Auto Magic Mist
Detailing Excellence

We are a fully self-contained mobile auto detailing service that conveniently performs
high quality detailing on-site at your location.

Being in the vehicle reconditioning and preservation service since 1990, we have cleaned, polished and waxed everything from daily drivers to million dollar classic cars to boats and vintage aircraft.

If your vehicle's paint doesn't shine we have the knowledge and skills to diagnose and polish the finish to a durable and brilliant shine.If your interior leaves much to be desired, we will thoroughly clean and shampoo it and leave it fresh and spotless.

When it comes to detailing there are no set rules. There are many styles and practices for getting the job done. Auto Magic Mist however, strives for showroom quality perfection and knows only one way to get it done. We use cutting edge products, industrial quality machines and good old fashion elbow grease, removing all the dirt from your vehicle. It's a delicate balance between gentle yet effective techniques and products. After being in the business for over 23 years, detailing over Hundreds vehicles, we have perfected the art of detailing a vehicle. We know you will be astounded at the results we achieve.



    Office: (980) 225-3029  Cell: (704) 819-6455   email:
      Locally Owned Operated Bonded Insured

Mobile Division

(704) 819-6455